Skype download free on Windows Phones

The Skype is a software program which is available for both computers and mobile devices and it facilitates free or very low-cost communication between Skype users. Skype has many major functions that help to connect people all over the world via chat, voice and video. The Skype application has been build up to be a more integrated part of Windows Phone. For the first time, the incoming Skype calls appear in the standard incoming call screen. Microsoft is also adding features like as call waiting, so the users can also switch between a Skype call and a regular mobile call. The Skype app is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace and it contains all of the features with it, which you would expect from a mobile version of the popular software. After downloading the Skype app, users will be able to make voice and video calls to any of their contacts as well as they also use messaging type features to send text messages. Skype for Modern Windows has become a lot better recently by the new update. With this new update, you can go invisible for all your contacts when you get busy. But you will be able to get messages from your contacts. By this, you will be able to reply to those messages which you want. So this fantastically turns your Skype to an SMS-like service for some time. Skype can also display information about chats, and voice/ video calls and messages whether the phone is on or off. The Other features include an automatic addition of Skype contacts and also it contains favourites feature for quick access to commonly called contacts.


Another free and interesting Skype feature is text-based chat between users With the Windows Live Messenger and AIM, it’s possible to chat with other users in your Skype contacts list. For this, you have to click the name of a user, type a message to them and then click “Enter.” if you buy a Windows Phone device or update your Windows Phone, Skype will be pre-installed and will be ready to use, this will give you an easy, affordable way to connect with the people to anywhere. The Skype features are largely integrated into Microsoft’s operating systems. The Windows Phone will include voice calling that can switch directly to Skype video calls automatically. The Users will be able to see an extra button on the call screen to switch on to a Skype call. If the caller’s contact has their username of Skype, then the user can click on the Skype button to switch the voice call into a video call. When the switch button is clicked, the phone will be ready to make video calls easily.

Skype download free on iOS

Microsoft has released the Skype app update for 2014, with some new features and improvements to the iOS version and now it supports using for all Skype chat messages. With the miraculous introduction of faster mobile networks like 3G and 4G technology, video call and video messages has become the most common way to communicate with everyone through mobile devices. Skype application is totally free for calling, messaging, video and sharing apps for Skype to Skype with anyone. Skype provide us to make free video call to anyone who already has this app on their Smartphone. The thing which is special about Skype is the ability to conduct a video chat right from your iOS devices. Skype provide us best video calling features on iOS phones.


The Skype manager is a web based tool which enables you to create and manage your Skype account. It also enables to make group calls more than 10 people in the same group, but it is must that at least one member in the group should have a premium account. It provides both free and paid portions of the Skype service, device-to-device audio calling, video calling and text chat are all part of the free service. You can pay per month if you have a static phone number by this, others can call you on from a phone, and you can also pay per minute or text message with Skype Credit to call out to another phone numbers using your Skype Account. When you are busy in any work, it doesn’t matter, Skype provides free voicemail service also at free of cost. You can share files of every size, photos and any presentation work to many contacts at a time during online messaging, voice or group calls. If you want to share contacts, it is so easy, you have to just drag and drop in chat window and share.

Skype is no doubt, one of the best video calling app which is available on all major platforms including Android AND iOS. . Skype is one of the most popular apps, which has over 380 million users worldwide and it is available on every Android, iOS and blackberry phones. You can update any activity to your friends about that what you have been doing lately by using text, photos, movies, stickers and moreover location info. To send a video message, press the “video message” button and the record button. Uses you also will have the option to preview the video, delete, or re-record. Moreover, with unlimited specialties, iOS phone enables you to multitasking with certain features of your apps. The idea is to make your use of apps more interesting and joyful and it allows you to start up from where you last left off.

Skype download free on Android

Here, we are discussing about Skype design and features on android phones. There are many benefits of using Skype on android phones as Skype provides us a wide range of apps for smartphones. It provides us voice and video calling. Skype is very beneficial for making free or cheap phone calls. It not only provide us free calls from one Skype account to another but you can also make domestic and international calls at very cheap rates by using Wi-Fi connection.You can make two types of calls by using Skype: first, Skype-to-Skype calls and secondly, Skype-to-Phone calls, all are at free of cost. If you wish to make a call to a regular phone line, then tap the tab for Call phones (on Android). You can also download it on your Windows just by opening the store and searching for Skype.


The special features of Skype are its ability to receive calls and messages when app is closed. It means that it provides better battery life and the Skype is running in proper ways. The feature can be quickly switched on from within the application’s settings. You can easily save money by using Skype app, means, when you are far from your family, on the other side of the world, you can freely make free video and voice calls from anywhere. For this, when you select your country of choice to make free calls, then it will be free from your iPhone or iPad and obviously cheaper than any landline or mobile phone. You will definitely be impressed by watching the chat functions on it, it really runs smoothly throughout.

Skype is that beneficial app that everyone thinks of whenever they think of Internet calling. Skype is one of the apps for cheap data-connection or Wi-Fi calling. You can easily send and received instant messages of free of cost. we also can send and receive photos, videos and files of every sizes free of cost. Boasting 246 million users Worldwide already and the latest range of Skype mobile phones are no doubt going to make this phone service even more popular.

Skype Voice Changer Download Free

Voice changing is always a fun and everybody likes to surprise his friends. You can call your boss or friend disguised as demon, child, woman or even dog. There are many useful voice changer plugins for Skype. If you like to use free plugin then Skype Voice Changer is for you.


Skype Voice Changer is the one of the useful plugins that allows you to change your voice in real-time to simulate different types of voices. It supports latest versions of Skype and installation of Skype Voice Changer is very easy. You just need to open up Skype and agree to the permission request. It has some wonderful preset voices and sound effects such as pitch down, childish and tremolo. You can tweak all of them to make a new set of voice by using the sliders. Skype Voice Changer is very easy to use and the best choice for the beginners.

Key features:

  • Free to use
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly interface
  • Presets voices and sound effects
  • Voice customizable tools
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1

Click here to download free Skype Voice Changer.

Skype 2.2 For Windows 8.1 (Download For Free)

Microsoft’s Skype is ready to start a new era of instant messaging and online communication networking. Many useful new features are introduced in Skype 2.2 by Microsoft. You need to upgrade your current operating system to 8.1, so then you’ll be able to install Microsoft’s Skype 2.2.

Multitasking and split display is the one of the new features that is introduced in Skype first time. You can open Skype alongside any other application you’d like to use. Drag the tile of the application anywhere to the screen (left or right) and the screen is split to display Skype and the application side by side. You can expand or extend the size of Skype home window by sliding the splitting bar to left or right.


Microsoft introduced many keyboard shortcuts for Skype 2.2. To get back immediately to the previous screen you can use Backspace button on your keyboard. To hide or show the application bar, use the ALT+Z key combination on your keyboard.

Using Skype 2.2, you don’t need to press Call button as you had to do in previous Skype versions. For dial any number you just need to type phone number in the dialer screen and press Enter on your keyboard. It has never been easy like that.

There is another useful shortcut. To answer calls, set keyboard focus on the notification by using Windows+V key combination on your keyboard. The new shortcuts make Skype 2.2 even more accessible. Skype 2.2 is available for free download at Microsoft Windows 8.1 store.

Skype 6.7 new features

The Skype 6.3 free download is available now. The most important addition is Skype access and it is also bringing back the call transfer feature. Skype has released this new Skype 6.3 beta version for Windows which includes a number of minor improvements and a couple of major new features including the ability to transfer calls. What you will get with Skype 6.3 free download? If you are in a cafe, airport or on railway station and you wanted to get online or ever been in a condition to make a quick access to Skype call or send emails but cannot want to fork out an hour Wi-Fi access. The solution is Skype Access; using Skype credit with a single click, just pay by the minute for Wi-Fi access.

Skype-6.7An important for those who use Skype in a small business environment that with Skype 6.3 free download, you are able to transfer calls to one of your Skype contacts free of charge. Calls can also be transferred to a landline or mobile for which you have to pay SkypeOut rates.
Skype 6.3 free download also includes a number of bug fixes and a brand new Call Quality indicator to help you obtain the best calling experience ever and a number of improvements to help people get up and running with Skype who are using first time.

Skype 6.3 free download is released with improved functionality with the Windows 7 taskbar and system tray; and improvements to the contact importing utility. Now the Google Chrome web browser supports plug-ins that’s why Skype has also added Chrome plug-in to its list of browser tools. Firefox and Internet Explorer plug-ins were already available with Skype. You can get this all by having Skype 6.3 free download which is easily accessible over internet. Install Skype in your system and don’t worry if you are new to it because there are help options in it.

Skype free download for Windows 8

If you are searching to obtain Skype free download for windows 8 then first of all know about the Skype. It is a best solution to communicate overseas with your family members or friends. It is providing services which are free of cost and convenient to use. You can use its premium features in a very low price. You can use its free services if persons on both sides are having Skype to communicate with each other. Skype is compatible with windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is a free software and easy to get over internet. You can easily search Skype free download for windows 8 and then start downloading process and save it in your PC. Click here to download Skype for Windows 8. Now install it in your system. With Skype free download for windows 8 you will enjoy lot of things. It is offering advanced features and ease to talk with your dear ones.

The software has made the technology available to all through it’s easy and simple interface style. The program is becoming popular and leading as it is providing free communication. Skype free download for windows 8 will provide you an updated copy of the version but you have to update the program with time for its best output. Skype update certainly contains some decent additions to the previous version, most notably its webcam facilities. You can watch your friends as you chat to them and let them see you if you want.

This Skype free download for windows 8 offers free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world. You can see who you are talking to with its free video calls. Now chat with many people in group chats at a time with Skype. You can also call ordinary phones with SkypeOut feature. Skype gives you superior sound quality and works with all firewall, NAT and routers, nothing to configure. If you are window 8 users and you need Skype then make it fast and now get Skype free download for windows 8, and enjoy.

Skype Download

Skype is the most popular and reliable VoIP app in the world which is used rapidly and mostly for communicating with people around the world.
Many of its versions have been released yet and still it is updating according to the requirement and feedback of users. Skype downloads are available for each version of it. Skype brings more wonderful features such as a refreshed interface design that makes the program easier to use, and integration with your Facebook profile so that you can connect with your Facebook friends.
Skype and it is available on web. You can get Skype with quite simple clicks. Skype download is available on different websites and you can obtain a copy of software from there. You can also explore for this purpose then click on Skype download and you will have all the latest and older versions, their updates and plug-in there. Now just choose the required version and download it. Skype download and install is a simple and quick process which completes only in few minutes. After a fairly quick installation, create you username on Skype and then login with your username and password. The application is very easy and simple to use. After login add all of your friends to the you account and send them instant messages (IM) and decide on the time and place for your Saturday without the emails and phone tag.

With Skype you can see when people are online and get instant answers to quick questions with instant messages on Skype. Whether your colleagues are next door or on the other side of the world you can communicate quickly with them through Skype. Skype downloads for its all versions is available and you can send cheap rate text messages from Skype to your friends, family and business contacts. Skype make it possible to send files, photos and presentations while you’re instant messaging. You are able to view and show photos and presentations over a Skype call.

Free Download Skype 2011

If you are searching for the best chatting and talking internet software then it is Skype which provides the facility to its users to chat and talk with friends and relatives almost free of cost. Free download Skype 2011 for Windows is free for all windows users. You can free download Skype 2011 updated version setup for windows vista and windows 7 too. Skype also offers the convenience to talk on international phone number from the computer but this facility is not free, user will have to purchase the online minutes to chat on foreign mobile number or call on it. But it’s doesn’t matter because voice chat from Skype to Skype is totally free with best sound quality. Free download Skype 2011 includes not only updates for windows but the other operating system too. In new updates Skype has addressed some issues which were raised in previous versions and also added some new features, and improved functionality. Skype works better if the internet connection is well because if you internet speed is slow Skype will be unable to make a cal or it will have problem during call. So first of all make sure that your internet connection is good. You can free download Skype 2011 versions including:

You can get free download Skype 2011 from web and all the listed versions are available on internet. Go on and then search for the free download Skype 2011, now choose you operating system for which you want the updated version and click on download button and you download will be started or simply search for the specific version with its name and you will get it easily.

Free Download Skype Latest Version

Free Download Skype Latest Version

Skype, it is the most popular and reliable VoIP app in these days. The application is updated continuously to make changes and improving the performance. There are many versions of Skype came in the market. The latest one version of Skype is Skype 5 which brings more new features as it provides a refreshed interface design that makes the program easier to use, integration with your Facebook profile.

Free download for Skype latest version is available and now you are able to free download Skype latest version from internet without any difficulty because it is a quick and very easy task. When you finish installation, you can login with your username and password or create a new Skype user if you don’t have a Skype name before. You will experience a completely new and smoother interface with a cleaner and more streamlined design.

Free download Skype latest version and enjoy with its new interface which is divided into two main sections. The left sidebar shows contacts list view and your most recent calls, while the area on the right displays many tabs including Skype Home, your Skype user profile and another tab to give feedback about the program. Free download of Skype latest version comes with the integration with Facebook which is one of the two new features of it. Through this integration you can access your news feed from within Skype and also call any of your friends who have their telephone number in their Facebook profile. You can also update status, leave a comment and like posts and updates by others.

If you free download Skype latest version it will enable you for the video call also with better quality of sound. The second big enhancement in Skype 5 is videoconferencing and enables you to have a video conference with up to 9 people at the same time Skype had already updated and improved video-calls in its previous version. Now the video call window takes almost the whole interface and became the most important function in of application.

Skype For Windows Mobile

How to Use Skype in Windows Mobiles

Skype for windows mobile enables users to make free Skype-to-Skype calls by using 3G or Wi-Fi connection. This mobile version of the Skype also offers you to call phones with Skype credits, as well as allowing you to receive calls on your online number, send instant messages and share files. Using Skype on your phone is not difficult it’s quite easy. Once Skype for windows mobile launched, the program offers you all kinds of admonition to notify you that it will be using user mobile Internet connection.

Skype for windows mobile is not much differing from Skype for PC windows so don’t worry while using it. In Skype for windows mobile version your contacts will all be imported and displayed in the main window in conjunction with details of their statuses. To call a person you just have to go on their name and hit the phone icon, see your communication is start. The call quality is improved now and you can say it is excellent, and as long as your connection is stable you shouldn’t experience any drop outs. To have a quality call you only need to stable you connection speed and it will give you bets results.

There are many improved features in Skype for windows mobile and easy to use. Instant messaging feature not only include text messaging but also includes a range of emotions, templates for one-click replies, file sharing, and the ability to add other participants to the conversation. Skype for windows mobile preserves a record of all your text conversations, logging your call history, voicemails, and files exchanged. Skype user can view the stored information at any time just by clicking the “History” button from the main menu which is now well-organized. Skype for windows mobile is available free via internet; you can get it easily and enjoy its working.

Skype For Mobile

Skype enables its users to keep in touch with each around the world over the internet and in many cases for free. Its new and updated versions are releasing. Skype for mobile version has also released now for the people ease to use Skype anywhere they want. It is best for those who don’t want to stick in front of their PCs.

The basic features of Skype include worldwide Skype-to-Skype communication (video and audio calls), instant messaging, conference audio calls and forward or transfer calls to another Skype account. These all services are free of any cost which Skype for mobile is offering. But some of its feature is charged including calls to regular or cell phones (Skype Out), receive calls from regular or cell phone (Skype In), voicemail and text messages. But these services charge very low price which is affordable and provide better functionality.

If you are unable to use Skype for mobile version then you can activate a Skype to go number to obtain great international rates from any phone. For this reason you have to Buy Skype Credit or a subscription to activate your number which is not difficult. Just obtain a local number of your area code and you can use any phone for the purpose of call to your Skype to Go number and reach your international contacts at standard Skype rates. Keep remember that Skype for mobile version cannot be used for emergency calls. Skype for mobile is available free to download through internet. You can find it on many websites including and There is a simple way to obtain Skype for your mobile, go on and you will find all the versions of Skype for any operating system including Skype for mobile. Click on get Skype button and then choose the version of program and start downloading.

Skype free download for Mac

Skype has become the market leader to call family, friends and colleagues everywhere in the world. It new versions comes with improvement and giving better performance than before. It offers video conferencing of many people, an improved contacts list and several additional features. Skype is now available for Mac OS with its enhanced features and Skype free download for Mac is available now.

You can call other Skype users free of cost wherever they are in the world. It’s a relief provided through P2P technology. Skype key functions of voice call, chat, and video call and file sharing in one main window is amazing.

Skype free download for Mac is also offering the same features as for windows. You are able for video conferencing more than 1 or two persons, Group conferencing made it easier. Call window is redesigned in which any other conversations are minimized and only the names of participants are shown. You can video chat for free with one contact but group conferencing is not free, you have to pay for each participant. As you are having Skype from Skype free download for Mac and video group conferencing is premium feature and it is not free of cost.

Skype free download for Mac will provide you the version of program with superb features including new contacts list sorted by category and you can add favorites to the top of the list. It made it easier to search them too by integrating them with your Mac address book. You can also now rename contacts according to you and you don’t need to stick with the default user name of contacts.

If you want to get Skype free download for Mac then it is accessible on web. Get Skype free download for Mac and install it in your system, now enjoy talking with your dear ones wherever in the world.

Skype Download Free

Skype Download Free

It is very simple and easy to get Skype download free. You can have Skype download free of cost over internet. Using Skype you can communicate with your friends live over video and it is possible because of VoIP technology; it is a way of transmitting the human voice on internet protocol networks. Skype uses this technology to let you make phone calls, video calls, group calls and much more through internet for which you usually use phone lines.

Skype is superb messenger application and its new version is available free of cost. You can have Skype 5.8 download free of any cost on web and then install it in your system. You can enjoy much more with this software. It is a free and most popular voice call application which uses P2P technology to provide with high audio quality. Skype takes the idea of P2P networks and prolonged it to instant messaging and net phone calls. Skype 5.8 is easy to use and very familiar and reliable software these days. It offers you to call and talk other Skype users and video chat for free over the internet using VoIP technology.

It is the latest version of Skype is available without paying money. Get Skype 5.8 download free with which you can not only have voice chats on your PC like traditional phones but also make phone calls for much lower cost using Skype Out service and paying with Skype credit. Along with voice chats, Skype also includes standard IM functionalities including written conversation, emoticons, user avatars and much more.

It is easy to use, providing sharp video conferencing mode. If you want to enjoy its features then have Skype download free because it is shareware software and no cost on downloading. The latest version provide you facilities including some of the older which are now improved in functionality. It enables you to keep records of all your calls, lots of features to improve you chat experience, facilitate you with great sound quality in voice calls and offer support for embedded local video on target video.

Skype Free Download

Download Here Skype Full Version For Free.  Download Skype for windows and Mac and Stay Connected with your friends.

Skype Free Download

Skype is an application which offers services for its users to communicate with the people around the world over internet and almost free of cost. It has become worldwide the largest long distance company and made at least 15 million of users. If you want to access the application, Skype free download is available on web and you can access Skype free download through internet.

Even there are new major players but still Skype is easily the most leading player. The voice quality has improved appreciably over the years. Many companies and call centers depend on Skype as their essential source of receiving and making calls. Skype is used in universities conduct video interviews with their candidates. Classes are conducted by teachers remotely with students. Skype is offering dating services and video calls are mostly used for initial meetings between couples. The need of Skype has displayed exponentially.

The major benefit of Skype is cost and ease. As Skype free download is here and no charge for downloading the player, it is also not charging for most of its services and providing that services to users free of cost and comparatively low priced for others. The usual phone companies cannot even come close to its services and pricing. You can download and install Skype on your PC easily and the installation process can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Only get Skype free download from internet save it to your PC and then install it in your system. Now you can enjoy its services.

As Skype is offering astonishing features and services it has two confines. The first is that it needs high speed internet access and its voice quality varies with the internet speed. This is not a severe restriction as high speed internet has become more. The other limitation is that there are no emergency services. You need cellular or regular phone service for these emergency services. However you can get the cheapest possible plan with Skype free download. To use Skype, you would need either a computer with microphone and speaker or a pc-free Skype phone.