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Skype 2.2 For Windows 8.1 (Download For Free)

Microsoft’s Skype is ready to start a new era of instant messaging and online communication networking. Many useful new features are introduced in Skype 2.2 by Microsoft. You need to upgrade your current operating system to 8.1, so then you’ll be able to install Microsoft’s Skype 2.2.

Multitasking and split display is the one of the new features that is introduced in Skype first time. You can open Skype alongside any other application you’d like to use. Drag the tile of the application anywhere to the screen (left or right) and the screen is split to display Skype and the application side by side. You can expand or extend the size of Skype home window by sliding the splitting bar to left or right.


Microsoft introduced many keyboard shortcuts for Skype 2.2. To get back immediately to the previous screen you can use Backspace button on your keyboard. To hide or show the application bar, use the ALT+Z key combination on your keyboard.

Using Skype 2.2, you don’t need to press Call button as you had to do in previous Skype versions. For dial any number you just need to type phone number in the dialer screen and press Enter on your keyboard. It has never been easy like that.

There is another useful shortcut. To answer calls, set keyboard focus on the notification by using Windows+V key combination on your keyboard. The new shortcuts make Skype 2.2 even more accessible. Skype 2.2 is available for free download at Microsoft Windows 8.1 store.

Skype free download for Windows 8

If you are searching to obtain Skype free download for windows 8 then first of all know about the Skype. It is a best solution to communicate overseas with your family members or friends. It is providing services which are free of cost and convenient to use. You can use its premium features in a very low price. You can use its free services if persons on both sides are having Skype to communicate with each other. Skype is compatible with windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is a free software and easy to get over internet. You can easily search Skype free download for windows 8 and then start downloading process and save it in your PC. Click here to download Skype for Windows 8. Now install it in your system. With Skype free download for windows 8 you will enjoy lot of things. It is offering advanced features and ease to talk with your dear ones.

The software has made the technology available to all through it’s easy and simple interface style. The program is becoming popular and leading as it is providing free communication. Skype free download for windows 8 will provide you an updated copy of the version but you have to update the program with time for its best output. Skype update certainly contains some decent additions to the previous version, most notably its webcam facilities. You can watch your friends as you chat to them and let them see you if you want.

This Skype free download for windows 8 offers free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world. You can see who you are talking to with its free video calls. Now chat with many people in group chats at a time with Skype. You can also call ordinary phones with SkypeOut feature. Skype gives you superior sound quality and works with all firewall, NAT and routers, nothing to configure. If you are window 8 users and you need Skype then make it fast and now get Skype free download for windows 8, and enjoy.